Introducing a Key Education Technology Resource for Teachers


In August 2013, within a crowded ed tech field, the Girard Education Foundation wanted to announce the availability of a free website, Activate Instruction – where teachers can search, rate, add and share their favorite Common Core-aligned resources to help transform teaching and learning through personalized playlists for students. Activate provides access to comprehensive grade 6-12 curriculum, soon expanding to K-12, in nearly all subject areas, including math, English and science. 



On behalf of the foundation, Larson Communications launched this new resource – billed as a “curricular Wikipedia” – nationally.  Through messaging, collateral development and media outreach, Larson worked to coordinate and secure media, blog posts and social media that would resonate with key audiences, including teachers and school system leaders.



With Larson’s help, Activate Instruction was featured in key education technology trade publications, news blogs and via social media, resulting in a marked increase in use by teachers.  The launch also led other organizations to step forward and partner with Girard. Today, some of the highest-performing school systems in the nation are using Activate to drive student instruction and the Activate network continues to grow.


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