Charter Schools Facilities Fight



In 2007, $18 million in approved charter schools facilities funding was being tied up by the California legislature’s Assembly Speaker, thwarting charter school growth and threatening schools that serve some of the neediest students in California.



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Team Larson immediately organized 700 parents and area charter school representatives. Together they gathered to protest at the local office of the Assembly Speaker. Larson helped trained speakers engage the media and mobilized a small group to deliver petitions. The rally generated:

  • Five TV news stories.
  • Three radio stories (which ran multiple times).
  • Over a dozen print news impressions.

Ultimately, after 50 news impressions about the legislature’s actions, opponents backed down and the governor signed legislation that preserved the program. The program, which was saved due to the effort, has expanded and has resulted in millions of dollars in additional facilities resources to California’s charter schools.


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