Charter Schools Succeed with High-Poverty Students



Critics accused charter schools of self-selecting the top students to boost their student achievement results.  This misconception puts charter schools on the defensive when they are eager to share their successes with the community.



Dig deep and look closely. Analyze the API growth scores to identify where charter schools were effectively serving high poverty students and get the word out about it.



The team at Larson worked with the California Charter Schools Association and discovered that 12 of the state’s 15 highest-performing public schools serving children in poverty were charter schools. They immediately:

  • Created an eye-opening fact sheet.
  • Delivered over 30 positive news impressions across the state and nationally.
  • Positioned the Association as a credible source for data.

Told the story of charter schools opening the doors for the state’s most underserved students.


News placements:

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