Introducing New Leadership and Vision for Chiefs for Change



At the end of 2014, Chiefs for Change, a nonprofit organization whose members are secretaries of education and superintendents (“chiefs”) committed to helping far more children succeed nationwide, broadened their membership from just chief state school officers to include big city superintendent chiefs as well.  Its bipartisan members had some of the strongest track records in the country of improving education outcomes for all students and implementing innovative policy solutions, but many potential members were not aware that the organization was now also representing city superintendents. 



Larson Communications spearheaded a steady cadence of campaigns showing Chiefs for Change’s growing presence.  Campaigns broadcasted new Chiefs for Change board chairman John White – Louisiana State Superintendent of Education – new CEO Mike Magee, and their vision for what was now a state-city network. Also highlighted were common themes evident in student achievement data arising from chief states and cities – both veteran and new – such as dramatic rises in graduation rates, more students prepared for college and learning reading, math, science and social studies.  Specific achievement data was put forward on each chief, representing millions of students across 10 states, including all four statewide achievement districts in the nation (found in Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada and Tennessee).



Over several months, Larson Communications secured news stories on Chiefs for Change in high-profile national outlets such as the Washington Post, Politico, Education Week and many local outlets. The combination of local and national coverage complemented new leadership and action, showing Chiefs for Change’s now broadened base of members as the next generation of education leaders focused on modernizing schools – a critical voice weighing in on national education issues.


News placements:


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