Taking Legal Action in San Diego's Prop 39 Facilities Battle



San Diego’s Unified School District’s Board of Education ignored its legal obligation and denied close to 90 percent of facilities requests of start-up charter schools.



Don’t just talk numbers; tell the plight of the affected schools and the students who are caught in the middle.



Larson Communications spearheaded the public awareness campaign in support of two charter schools that filed suit again San Diego Unified. The LC team:

  • Issued press releases and media pitches.
  • Placed key editorials.
  • Organized a major rally of parents and school stakeholders that captured prominent media exposure.
  • Generated a firestorm of media attention which forced the district to drop its discriminatory policy.

At the conclusion of the campaign, close to 80 percent of the schools had received facilities offers and thousands of students had classrooms.


News placements:

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