Crisis Management


How we handle ourselves in a crisis is often how we are defined. There is no room for error, no time for indecision. It’s a time to dig down, find the facts and fight for what is right. At Larson Communications, we work with our clients to help them quickly define themselves on their own terms, before any unfair opposition gets the chance.

When the stakes are highest, we are at our best. The entire Larson team is armed with the knowledge and expertise it takes to turn a crisis into an achievement. See some of our best stories:

In 2007, $18 million in approved charter schools facilities funding was being tied up by the California legislature’s Assembly Speaker, thwarting charter school growth and threatening schools that serve some of the neediest students in California.

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San Diego’s Unified School District’s Board of Education ignored its legal obligation and denied close to 90 percent of facilities requests of start-up charter schools.

Larson Communications spearheaded the public awareness campaign in support of two charter schools that filed suit again San Diego Unified.

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In the fall of 2004, California Charter Academy (CCA) abruptly shut its doors before the start of the schools year, stranding several thousand students and jeopardizing public confidence in all charter schools.

Larson Communications led a media campaign demonstrating the movement’s strong commitment to accountability.

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A strong charter school opponent, the American Federation of Teachers, issued a report that charter schools weren’t doing as well as traditional public schools. The report was covered prominently by the New York Times and syndicated in several California newspapers and broadcast segments.

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