Hugo Nguyen

Communications Manager



Communications Manager Hugo Nguyen is a research expert who showcases his social media skills daily managing Larson’s Twitter and Facebook pages. A native of Vietnam, Hugo brings international communications experience as well as a breadth of research and campaign skills to LC.

As an intern at Getaway, one of the top five primetime show’s on Australia’s network television, he did extensive research on filming locations and concepts to build stories for future episodes. Most recently, he worked with the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania heading up events planning and serving as the multicultural group’s coordinator. Hugo built upon his experience in the nonprofit world with the Asian Injury Prevention Foundation and Social Entrepreneur Corps to improve living and working conditions in third-world countries. In these roles, he worked directly with key stakeholders to design development and campaign plans.

Hugo earned his bachelor degree from Franklin & Marshall College in business, organizations and society, with a focus in marketing.