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Ali Littman

Senior account executive

Senior Account Executive Ali Littman brings her background as a journalist and in crisis management and public affairs to her work with Larson Communications. She has successfully helped organizations gain widespread support in challenging situations. Through her work in New Mexico, Washington D.C. and San Francisco, she has developed and implemented robust communications programs aimed at changing long-held beliefs and policies for the better. This has included developing a comprehensive crisis communications plan for a major hospital, spearheading a public affairs campaign that successfully changed state law and securing a number of favorable stories and editorials on behalf of her clients.

 Ali started off her career as a reporter in New Mexico where she covered education and city and county politics. She authored a column on education where she discussed unique approaches and programs at local schools. She has a passion for writing, and recently completed her first novel, “Radio Underground,” which follows the life of an underground journalist in Hungary during the Cold War. Ali is a published historical and pop culture writer with stories appearing in specialty magazines on John F. Kennedy and The Beatles. Ali, who is also passionate about soccer, earned her B.A. in History from the University of California, Berkeley.